• History

      Sina insurance history

      Sina insurance company was established on 10.03.1382 (31.05.2003) based on the establishment of act of non- governmental insurance companies with license number 23167 of Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central insurance of Iran) with the capital of 140 billion rials which totally paid and start insurance operation from 28.03.1382 (18.06.2003). According to expanding of insurance activity the company increase its capital by 50% from 140 to 210 billion rials on the year 1385 (2006) and another increase on the year 1388 (2009) up to 400 billion rials .

      Parallel with operation in all class of life and Nonlife insurance; start to accept reinsurance business from the Iranian insurance companies.

      At the time being sina insurance company as a one of the well-known privet insurance company is very active in the market.

      Sina insurance company with 51 branches and more than 400 agencies in the country providing various services to the people.